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Following is a list of accomplishments/projects, which have been completed

by company principals for others.

Strategic Accomplishments


· Planned, Designed, and provided construction management and inspection services for

a wide variety of road, highway, and bridge construction  projects.

· Planned, Designed, and provided construction management and inspection services for

a wide variety of waterline, water treatment plants, and sewer and wastewater treatment plants.

· Developed and designed large material handling equipment and systems for utilities.
Developed and marketed several large projects in Wastewater Treatment

· Developed and implemented advanced technologies in several areas of processes,

process controls, instrumentation, water/waste water facilites, and hvac and lighting.

· Established acceptable and approved standards for pool chlorination

and filtration systems, sports lighting and pole systems.

· Completed electrical load demand studies and characterizations for a large facility

· Completed Controls, HVAC, and DDC technology evaluation and prequalification.

· Completed many ARRA/EPA/PA compliance audits.

· Over the last 5 years completed many State of PA / PennVEST compliance audits. 


State of NY

· NYSDOT & St Regis Mohawk Tribe—Design / Build of roads at the Akwesasne Casino.


State of PA

ARRA/EPA/PA Compliance Audits.

Construction Monitoring for PA RACP construction projects as a subtconsultant.

Contstruction Controls Reviews for PA Infrastructure Investment Authority.

Assisted a large agency on the development of a grant and funds disbursement system.


St. Regis and Akwesasne Mohawk Tribe

· St. Regis Mohawk Tribe’s Community-Wide Sewer System Facilities Plan and Sewer System Expansion Study, Phases 1, 1a, and 2.

· St. Regis Mohawk Tribe’s Sewer System Expansion, Phase 1 and 1A, survey & mapping, design and construction contract administration.

· St. Regis Mohawk Tribe Septic System Designs – designed over 80 individual septic systems.  These systems include conventional and raised bed systems 2004 to 2012

· St. Regis Mohawk Tribe’s Sewer System Expansion, Phase 2, survey & mapping, and design.

· Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe (SRMT) Design and Construction Services for Roadway Reconstruction of Cook Road, Christine Lane, Mary Road and LaFrance Road.

· St. Regis Mohawk Tribe’s East River Water Enhancement, survey & mapping, design and construction contract administration.

· Akwesasne Mohawk Casino Waterline design and construction contract administration.



The Pittsburgh Water & Sewer Authority

Treatment Plant FacilityMaster Plan

Residuals Management

Zebra Mussel Controls

Pilot Plant

Upgrades to Backwash System

Upgrades to Chemical Feed System

Millvale Pump Station

Other Pump Stations

Wylie Avenue Waterline

System Wide Process Monitoring & Controls

$    500,000

$    300,000

$    125,000

$    250,000

$    400,000

$  1,900,000

$     200,000


$     200,000

$  1,600,000

PWSA's lead engineer

Project Engineer

Design, Project Engineer/Manager

Design Study Coordinator

Project Engineer/Manager

Contributing Design/Project Engineer/Constr.

Project Engineer/Design



Project Engineer/Construction


The City of Pittsburgh

Major Projects, Buildouts, or Renovations

Citywide Fueling Facilities and UST Replacement and Environmental Remediation Program


City Information Systems Facility


Mellon Park Tennis (Bubble) Facility


Schenley Skating Rink

             Master Plan and Energy Studies

             Chiller Replacement


Recreation Centers – Rehabs

     Brookline – Complete

     Jefferson – Complete

     Magee Gymnasium

     Arlington Gymnasium


HVAC Systems

Public Safety Bldg HVAC

CCB Human Resources Dept. HVAC     

CCB - HVAC and Steamlines

Robbins Bldg HVAC

Homewood HVAC

City Cable Bureau HVAC (1997)

Same … HVAC (2002) Unit


Swimming Pools

Various Repairs on 31 Public Pools

Chlorine & Additive Study

New McBride Pool

Magee Pool Upgrade     

Magee Pool Filters

Homewood Upgrade & Filters

Ammon Pool Filter System Rehabs

Schenley Pool Upgrades

Oliver Bathhouse Access and Filters

Schenley Pool Electrical Rehab

Highland Pool Facility and Shell Rehab


Sports Lighting
Willie Stargell Sports Complex


             Herschel Park


Various City Facilities Capital Upgrades 

Fire Station Various Rehabs



$ 1,400,000


$ 2,300,000


$   600,000




$   200,000



$   460,000

$   185,000

$   200,000

$   200,000



$ 1,000,000

$     75,000

$   155,000

$     50,000

$     80,000

$   215,000

$   110,000



$ 2,000,000

$     - - - - -

$   400,000

$   110,000

$     90,000

$     55,000

$   150,000

$   100,000

$   135,000

$   125,000

$   160,000



$   170,000

$   125,000

$   110,000

$     70,000

$    75,000

$   600,000




Project Engineer/Manager.


Facility feasibility and load studies; P.E. and C.M.


Lead Designer, Project Engineer/Manager



Study Leader

Design, Project Engineer/Manager



Designer/Project Engineer/Manager.




Project Engineer / Constr.

Design/Project Engineer

Design/Project Engineer/Manager


Design/Project Engineer

Contributing Design/Project Engineer/Manager

Design/Project Engineer/Manager



Design/Project Engineer/Manager

Lead Investigator and Author

Contributing Design/Project Engineer/Manager

Design/Project Engineer/Manager






Design/Project Engineer/Manager





Of varying complexity

Pitt—DeMoines, Inc

Developed, marketed, and sold several large projects for Wastewater Anaerobic Digestion Facilities.  Projects contained advanced technologies in anaerobic digestion processes and control systems:

(2)  .5 million gal. Digesters -  St Charles IL                     est’d  $  2,000,000 (successfully developed)

(2) 2 million gal. Digesters - Appleton WI                        est’d  $  8,000,000 (successfully developed)

(4) 1.5 milion gal. Digesters – Lincoln, NB                       est’d  $ 11,000,000 (constructed)

(2) 3 million gal. Digesters – Baltimore MD                      est’d  $   4,000,000 (constructed)

(10) 3 million gal. Digesters – Boston  MA                       est’d  $ 30,000,000 (constructed)


Detroit Stoker / Bechtal Power
Rumsford Power Coal and Ash Systems                            $ 2,200,000                     Sold/Project Managed


Blawnknox, Pittsburgh
Material handling systems and equipment                         $ 1,000,000                     Product Managed


Ebasco Services, New York City
Power Plant Materials Handling Systems                                                                 Design Engineering


Salzgitter / Kocks Crane & Marine (Pittsburgh)
Port of Houston Shiploader                                                $2,300,000                      Project Managed



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